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When you visit Belize on your next vacation, you can have the best of both worlds -- sparkling clear Caribbean waters with miles of coral reefs and the Central American rainforest and jungle.

Belize has it all . . .

Scuba Diving

Belize is recognized as having world class scuba diving. Basically, there are four options for the avid scuba diver.

   1. Stay with one of the dive resorts located on a barrier reef island.
        >> Daily diving along the barrier reef.
        >> Day trips to theLighthouse and         Turneffe atolls are available.

   2. Stay at one of the resorts located on Lighthouse or Turneffe Islands atolls.
        >> Daily diving around the atoll.
        >> Trips to Blue Hole.

   3. Live aboard a dedicated dive boat.
        >> Offers 5 dives daily, including night dives.
        >> Usual itinerary is Turneffe and Lighthouse atolls.
        >> Best option for the "guerilla" diver.

   4. Diving from Belize City
        >> Barrier reef is a short boat ride away.
        >> Atolls available as full day trips, includes a dive at the world famous Blue Hole.


Belize is most famous for the flats fishing it offers for the fly fisherman. The most popular spots for this are along the barrier reef or on the atolls. There are several lodges that specialize in this sport. The biggest difference between the two is that the lodges on the atolls only offer week long packages whereas the barrier reef lodges are more flexible in their packages


The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) formed BETA to ensure eco-tourism played an important role within the organization. They ensured that it was independent of regional and tourism interests and represented eco-tourism solely. BETA has advised and provided major policies to help preserve the environment. They have also started several projects and campaigns to give the community the opportunity to become responsible for the environment.

With the help of other organizations, BETA has been able to promote and publicize anti-littering throughout Belize . The new millennium marks a period of renewed interest in BETA and a desire to help protect Belize 's natural treasures for the enjoyment of Belizeans and visitors alike, both now and for the future.

Although BETA members all subscribe to their organization's code of ethics, sometimes they--as well as others interested in protecting and preserving the environment--are not certain how to translate a general commitment into specific actions or practices to further the interests of ecotourism. Some of these tips apply equally well to any ecotourist destination, while others are based on factors unique to Belize.


TIP #1: See how your operation stacks up against others.

Visit other eco-lodges and see what they're doing.

Check out the comprehensive and thoughtful evaluation developed by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute for certifying sustainable tourism operations. It will give you a sense of how "green" your hotel really is.

TIP #2: Minimize your contribution to the solid waste stream in Belize .

Crush your cans.

Don't use disposable dishes, cups, or silverware.

Use coolers or paper bags for packed lunches instead of Styrofoam containers.

Compost your kitchen garbage.

Sell purified water refills, rather than making tourists repeatedly buy new bottles.

Wash and then sell (or give away) empty food jars and liquor bottles rather than sending them to the landfill.